Help your ESL students break the barrier
Completely unique concept of language learning. Learn more about the Course
with the IMPROVersity Method
Help your ESL students break the barrier
Completely unique concept of language learning. Learn more about the Course
with the IMPROVersity Method
about The Trainer's course
We help teachers of English as a Second Language to gain unique knowledge about IMPROV Comedy and Applied Improv and it’s powerful application to the ESL learning process.

IMPROVersity™ teaches you a system to help students to break the language barrier. Over 1000 students have had significant progress in their use of the English Language since the start. IMPROV is a powerful tool to help students to THINK in English.

Do you want to learn how the Method works, how to make your lessons more fun and creative, and how to triple your monthly income?

About the IMPROVersity Method and How to triple your monthly income
Coach and author — Serzh Velychanskyi
What's inside?
Online Manual of The IMPROVersity™ Method includes a systematic approach that equips ESL teachers to grow in expertise and income. The Method has been developed and tested since 2013. It includes theoretical tested material and practical assignments.

Philosophy of IMPROVersity
The Method is fully built on the laws of improv comedy, which in turn, builds new neuron connections - this is what ESL students need to THINK and SPEAK in English. All “nuts and bolts” of the Method.

Rules of Improv Comedy and how it works
You won't need to take additional improv classes to know what Improv is all about. However, this course may inspire you to learn more.

What makes Learning Process better and more effective
Application of Improv into the Learning setting. Your classes will never be the same again.

What makes students tick
Top-notch 10+ powerful games/activities to help students develop new neuron connections. No more boring "speaking and discussion clubs". Let's make learning fun!

What makes the Method unique
The Method is based on developing new neuron connections and it is much more than knowledge! Results stay for lifetime! Most of the methods are based on "learning English", ours - on "Learning life around in English" with the help of Improv Comedy. In addition, students get a lot of soft skills trained.

All lessons are online
The length of the study completely depends on you. You can study as long as it takes (no terms). It is fully at your discretion. After every module, there is a test or an assignment that needs to be submitted before the next module becomes available to study.
with the purchase of the course you also get
Personal mentorship by our team. Insights from the founder of the Method.
Global networking
Involment in the global community of ESL teachers and likeminded people.
Certificate of Completion
Advance your teaching curriculum with Improv Comedy methodology.
Why you should consider buying a course
Take a look at 3 reasons
  • Reason #1

    You will get more than 10 practical improv activities for your lessons
    Multiple tools to enhance your effectiveness with students. With these tools your students will love you more.
  • Reason #2

    You will get a massive level of knowledge and insights for a perfect cost
    Learn principles and application of Improv for your purpose, you will get access to 35 text and video lectures.
  • Reason #3

    You will obtain a ready-to-use plan to upscale your monthly income
    You will understand how to sell your offer. We will help you to avoid many mistakes in starting and running a group.
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In a few weeks you will be able to teach on a completely new level. You will be surprised at your capabilities and learn how to effectively achieve an extra monthly income.
A few words about the author of IMPROVERSITY
M.S. Sociology of Culture
Serzh Velychanskyi
Journalist, TV host, Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Actor
Solo Improv Comedy performer
Founder of The Tonight Improv Comedy in English Show

  • Lecturer of Applied Improv at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
  • Founder of IMPROV CLUB (since 2009)
  • Founder of IMPROVersity - learning English, through Improv
  • IMPROVision - vision of life, through improvisation
  • Host Speaker of EURO 2012 and Women's Champions League Final 2018
My mission is to help ESL teachers to expand their circle of influence and become self-sufficient with an overwhelming income.
Serzh Velychanskyi, founder of IMPROVersity
Course Prices

Level 1

  • Philosophy of APPLIED IMPROV (Why it is such a powerful tool in ESL)
  • 10 Rules of IMPROV and its application for classrooms
  • 6 awesome warm-up Improv activities
  • 6 powerful Learning & Development Improv games
  • 50 creative ideas for good Improv dialogues
  • The Method IMPROVersity: nuts and bolts.
  • The benefits for your students
  • The Games instructions and principles
  • You will be invited to join a Global IMPROVersity Network Community

Full course (Level 1+2)

The Ultimate Guide to financial freedom

  • Level 1 package included
  • Start your own business (Setting up of additional income with low preparation Improv activities)
  • Small group dynamics
  • Soft Skills developed by IMPROV
  • Small group structure
  • Starting a Club (Big Events ideas)
  • Small group troubleshooting
  • Enrolling clients (Marketing Tips)
  • Improv Rules (in-depth)
  • Additional 10 warm-up Improv activities
  • Additional 10 Learning & Development Improv Games
  • Mistakes and f*ck-ups
  • Business Plan
  • VIP Coaching Team
  • 1 hr Personal Coaching with Serzh Velychanskyi
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Jessica from New Market, Maryland, USA
James from Saint Albans, West Virginia, USA
Our Clients Love Us
  • Ekaterina Kartashova
    Project manager
    Before classes of the IMPROVersity method, I never thought that you can learn to think in English playfully! The form of the lessons is rather informal, there is no feeling of being present at the "lesson", as if you came to the company of old friends. Thanks to this sensation, a person is liberated and begins to slowly get all his vocabulary from the depths of his memory! Thank you, Serzh, for the opportunity to practice English in such an interesting way!
  • Liudmyla Andreieva
    Creative director
    The Method allows you to overcome barriers to the spoken language. Besides being great for conversation, it's also a lot of fun! Thanks to Serzh for the great lessons.
  • Katherine Chernysh
    TV & Event Host
    it is not just an opportunity to improve communication skills in English, it is an opportunity to develop free, spontaneous speech in oneself. Interesting, entertaining, informative and comfortable.
  • Maria Busareva
    Quality Assurance Auditor, Helpware
    I do not like to praise too much any events and activities. BUT this place is really magical, which helps you to erase boundaries. It will not force you to speak, but it will inspire you for sure. In general, if you want to speak, but have not started yet, then you definitely come here. Come and check it out!
  • Ivan Tretyakov
    Race director of Run Ukraine
    Recommend! You can start on any day, at any level.
    Excellent Method, comfortable immersion in the language environment, a lot of humor and no "strains" with grammar.
    Meet interesting people there.
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